Why is ADA compliance for commercial buildings important

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Why is ADA compliance for commercial buildings important?

According to the CDC, about 25% of America’s population are individuals living with one disability or the other. That is, 60 million disabled individuals and these persons could be customers and employees who are protected by the civil rights law known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA ensures that commercial, private businesses, and public entities make reasonable ADA-approved accommodations for people with disability and also provide easy access to facilities. Violating the ADA law may lead to litigation and cost an arm and a leg. ADA protects people with disabilities from discrimination as a result of their disability. When getting a commercial building ADA compliant, the owner, tenants, employer, and employee may need to work together for the common goal. Here are some importance of making your commercial building ADA-compliant.

It promotes a positive reputation and goodwill within the community

Business operations or organizations that ensure their building is ADA-compliant will build a good reputation in the community. Especially small businesses or family businesses that are open to the public. It encourages disabled persons to visit your business and helps you expand your customer base. It will be more beneficial than a paid advertisement. Making your building ADA-compliant will attract clients from different spheres, thereby increasing your business’ potential.

Inclusion helps improve businesses

As mentioned above, including all persons, whether disabled or not, in your business and building will naturally improve your business. People will return when they find a place where they are welcome and well-accommodated. You can show inclusivity by providing necessary facilities on your property that is easily accessible to disabled persons. Disabled employees who are happy and provided for will encourage a better environment and success.

Promotes your business’ appeal

ADA compliance for your commercial building will expand your business’ appeal to a large part of the population. You can hire ADA compliance consultant services to ensure that you are not violating any ADA law and are not exposed to litigation. A welcoming and accommodating business with California ADA compliance will attract a happy crowd.

Protects you from litigation

Companies and businesses that are not ADA compliant are at risk of legal action and lawsuits. Rather than expose yourself to such risk that will cost you a fortune, you can avoid it by involving an accessibility consultant to inspect your property from the beginning of construction.


Accessibility benefits everyone and will surely make life easier for the disabled and other people who may be recovering from injury or even the elderly who need a little extra help. If you, as a business owner, have the opportunity to make life easier for all your clients and potential clients by being ADA compliant, then you should.

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