We guard businesses from
accessibility law suits.

We guard businesses from
accessibility law suits.

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About Us

*No business wants to be party to an accessibility lawsuit. Part of being a responsible business is providing access to ALL customers and we help you achieve that goal.

*Our highly detailed, illustrated reports are easy to understand and can be used to negotiate cost effective commercial lease or building purchases.

*We identify ADA barriers at your facility using state of the art programs, pictures, details, diagrams and code citation which illustrate how to correct the violations to comply with Federal ADA and California Access laws.

*We understand it can be hard to spot accessibility violations-however-mistakes can cost you a fortune in civil rights violations and injury lawsuits.

*According to Ca. state law EACH violation can cost you $4000 plus damages plus attorney fees.(Ca. Civil Code 55.56)

*These penalties are 100% avoidable and we can protect you with certified accessibility inspection, (CASp report) and filing the report with the State of CA. The report combined with a time frame for corrections, can dramatically reduce (max $1000) or eliminate fines being assessed. (Ca. Civil Code 55.56 & 55.54)

*High quality plans help you or your contractor make the right corrections the first time, saving you both time and money. Our design associates can provide cost effective plans suitable for obtaining building permits for correction. We provide pre, during, and post construction inspection to assure costly mistakes can be avoided.

*Our one stop, start to finish, service will get you accessibility compliant, out of unnecessary risk and help your customers have a safe and barrier free experience.

Our Services

Guardian Accessibility Inspection (G.A.I.) provides ALL types of accessibility consultation and provides the maximum legal protection from ADA fines and lawsuits.

G.A.I. will conduct accessibility inspections anywhere in the state, on any business, government facility, or place of public accommodation. No job is too large, too small, or too far.

Services we provide:

*Pre-purchase/lease accessibility evaluation. (Ca. Civil Code 1938)

*Private and confidential accessibility inspection.

*State filed CASp DIAC documents for legal protection and fine reduction.

*San Francisco A.B.E. Checklist inspections.

*Existing business accessibility inspections

*Pre/in-progress/post accessibility construction consultation.

*“Readily achievable” architectural barrier removal plans.

*Accessibility lawsuit expert witness services.

*Site data collection for design professionals.

*Pre submittal plan review.

*ADA Title II government program access and transition plan creation/consultation.

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