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About Us

*Guardian’s owner is a former Chief Building Official and Principal Building Inspector with 24 years of plan review and accessibility inspection in the government sector. He has performed 100’s of accessibility inspections over his career. A professional who performs inspections on a daily basis is the most cost-effective means of inspection.

*We are California State Certified Accessibility Specialist (CASp). Certification #1007

*ICC Certified Building Official. This certification covers numerous aspects of construction law, regulation, State and International code interpretation and administration.

*ICC Certified Commercial Inspector. This certification demonstrates understanding and expertise of all commercial systems including plumbing, mechanical, electrical, energy, and building codes.

*ICC Plans Examiner. A certification in plans examining means errors can be picked up prior to construction. All too often design professionals aren’t accessibility experts and make mistakes. Construction done right the first time is critical.

*We provide unparalleled commercial accessibility inspection. Rarely will all this expertise be obtained by one person. This why when you hire Guardian you will get unequalled service and accuracy. Attention to detail is an everyday day practice, making us the best choice in accessibility inspection.

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