How To Become A Casp Certified Expert

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How To Become A Casp Certified Expert

In any field you are in, becoming a professional with credible certificates and a well-recognized body affiliated is the major goal. There are so many professional exams in different professions. When it comes to engineering and architecture, the Casp is a major certification that professionals need.

An Accredited Access Specialist can be relied on to be competent and an expert in disability access legislation. California Casp certified expert is a big deal, as you must undergo rigorous testing before being regarded as an expert in the field.

The Casp Program establishes a procedure for businesses and property owners to voluntarily engage an expert to evaluate facilities and acquire an inspection report confirming compliance with disability access requirements.


As said earlier, to become a certified expert in the Casp field, you have to go through rigorous testing. To become a Casp certified consultant in California, there are various requirements you have to pass through;


It is quite tough to become a Casp. Only a few occupations are eligible to take the test. Building authorities, licensed architects, general contractors, and structural engineers are among the individuals who are competent to become Casp. In addition to such relevant expertise, applicants must have a minimum of four years of experience.

Becoming a Casp certified expert

To become a Casp expert, you have to meet the requirements. However, meeting the requirement alone doesn’t guarantee to become a certified expert. There are steps to be taken to be recognized, and the first step to becoming an expert is by

Buying the exam form

The Casp certification is offered in many countries once you are eligible to take the exam. All you need to do is purchase a voucher for the exam, depending on your country. After getting your exam voucher, specify the country you wish to use the voucher in.

Schedule your exam

After purchasing your exam form, the next step toward becoming a Casp certified expert is by scheduling your exam. The exam is quite flexible as it can be written from around the world.


All you need to do is create an account and log in to access your schedule. Once you successfully schedule your exam, you will receive an email containing vital information that will be needed for future use.

Pass the exam

Passing the exam is no easy fit, as it has a below 30% passing range. So to pass the exam, you have to study hard.

Code of conduct

After successfully passing the Casp exam, you should comply with the work ethic of being a certified Casp expert.


The Casp certification exam is tough; however, after purchasing your form and registering, you will get all the required details you need in your email. All you will be left to do is study on your own.

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